5 Reasons Nail Stickers Beat Nail Art

Can nail art be incredible? Yes. Isn’t it expensive? Also, yes. But, the truth is, you can get a pretty similar affect by opting for nail stickers a la drugstore. Ordinarly I’m all about Essie, Butter and Deborah Lippmann (oh my!) but, occasionally I fall prey to wanting something a little more fun and unique.

20131106-082741.jpgFor times like these, here’s why I vote yes on nail stickers vs. nail art.

  1. No dry time.
  2. DIY possible (as in, no salon necessary).
  3. These little appliques cost little more than a nice bottle of nail polish.
  4. Easy to swap out.
  5. If one sticker manages to go rogue, there are a.) extras in the package and b.) you don’t have to remove the lot.

You can find the scripty stickers photographed above by Sally Hansen at pretty much any drugstore, and believe it or not, they stay on about a 100x better than my Essie nail stickers did which are allegedly LED light cured.