What’s in bloom

It’s summer, and Kate Spade realizes that you spend the majority of your days tucked away indoors. So, in honor of their next jaunt to Argentina, they’re gifting us all a handpicked wallpaper to deck out our digital spaces.

C'est La Vie En Rose | The Polka-dot Maven

Happy decorating!


How-to dress yourself after leg & foot surgery…

Let’s presume you’ve had foot, or ankle, or leg or whatever surgery. Bottom line, you’re in a leg cast for one reason or another, and your journey to healing has just begun (magical sound effects go off in the background). It’s blue skies! You see the mountains but hey, they’re not going to get you down, not after you’ve been heavily dosed with painkillers by the hospital. No sir.

What to wear with a leg cast

But, oh, wait…here comes day 3, or 4, or week 2…whatever the number, here comes the day you finally get to interact with society, and now you are no longer allowed to spend entire days in your pajamas. And on this fateful day, let’s presume that it is not bare-leg season. As in, it is too horrifyingly cold. What on earth do you wear? Do you just telecommute? If this is the case, when will you even become fit for public consumption?! And, above all, why did this information not come to you in that little binder the doctor provided? Do not panic. Sure, you probably cannot wear 75% of your wardrobe, but I discovered  three viable options that pretty much every, living, breathing woman has in her closet: tights/stockings, leggings and workout/lounge pants.

Cast Life Lesson 1: If it stretches it fits. Allow this to become your motto for selecting clothing. Here’s the thing, you’ll either want to opt for capri-styled leggings and workout pants, or stock-up on tights and stockings that you won’t mind hacking half a leg off of. It sounds crazy, defiling brand new or lightly worn tights, but honestly, the moment you put normal people clothing on, the better you start to feel in general.

Cast Life Lesson 2: Let skirts and dresses be your friend. Because tights and stockings cannot be worn as solo acts, and I will caution you that leggings should not be worn in that fashion either, pair them with skirts and dresses. They’re easy, you only need a handful of them and realistically, pants, or anything constricting definitely won’t go over your gigantic cast. Plus, even if you can manage to wiggle them up, all that bunching around your knees is constricting.

Cast Life Lesson 3: Invest in scarves and accessories. Excluding your pajamas and loungewear, you’ll probably have all of 6-7 outfits you feel truly comfortable in. Capitalize on accessorizing and 6-7 is now magically 24+ outfits. Plus, all that crutching around makes you sweaty, making scarves the most appropriate item to help regulate your body heat.

5 Reasons Nail Stickers Beat Nail Art

Can nail art be incredible? Yes. Isn’t it expensive? Also, yes. But, the truth is, you can get a pretty similar affect by opting for nail stickers a la drugstore. Ordinarly I’m all about Essie, Butter and Deborah Lippmann (oh my!) but, occasionally I fall prey to wanting something a little more fun and unique.

20131106-082741.jpgFor times like these, here’s why I vote yes on nail stickers vs. nail art.

  1. No dry time.
  2. DIY possible (as in, no salon necessary).
  3. These little appliques cost little more than a nice bottle of nail polish.
  4. Easy to swap out.
  5. If one sticker manages to go rogue, there are a.) extras in the package and b.) you don’t have to remove the lot.

You can find the scripty stickers photographed above by Sally Hansen at pretty much any drugstore, and believe it or not, they stay on about a 100x better than my Essie nail stickers did which are allegedly LED light cured.


Hey, spring, are you here yet?

I want it to be warm out, really, I do. It feels like it’s been snowing for ages, and by ages what I mean is 4 months. For the last week and  half, we’ve been experienceing spring. Albeit late spring with high humidity, but it was spring none the less. And then today happened. 42 degrees and raining sideways. So, instead of letting it get me down, I grabbed the one thing that I love most about cooler weather: a scarf. I have written other posts professing my unfaltering love affair with scarves. Chic, elegant, comfortable, and best of all easy. I still can’t name another accessory that can dress up a t-shirt in 30 seconds flat. Any way, along with rubber rain boots, I guess it’s still not quite time to stow away my favorite winter scarves. The Polka-dot Maven in a Burberry Scarf

Sweater: J. Crew Scarf: Burberry (similar)

A charcoal palette…

When I was studying art in college, I loved charcoals. Values of blacks and grays–a simple medium that’s terribly messy and at the same time, pretty rich and complex. Charcoal palettes are still one of my favorites for art and fashion. Even though today is the first day of spring, I’m still loving the whole leather/waxed denim/gray scale look.


Waxed Denim & Leather | The Polka-dot Maven

Bag: Prada (similar) Pants: Burberry Shoes: Chanel Jacket: Vivienne Tam (not avail) Scarf: Banana Republic (not avail) Bracelets: YurmanLagos (similar)Bloomingdales (similar)

A red lip moment…

The smell of coffee in the morning, the vibrant hue of lemons, fresh cut flowers, the sheen of freshly painted fingernails, the right shade of lipstick…It’s the little things that brighten up your day. When it’s cold and dreary out, and I find myself jonesing for a bit of rouge, I love NARS Heat Wave. It’s the perfect shade of orange-red lipstick with a lovely semi-matte finish.

NARS Heat Wave Lipstick | The Polka-dot Maven

My favorite red-hued lipstick.

Vanity is ageless…

Diana Vreeland Quote | The Polka-dot Maven