Poetic Justice and Such

Recently, for work, I’ve been added to this weekly meeting of the minds. There are 8 of us from different disciplines within the agency who will now gather on Tuesdays for creative sharing and internal communications. Anyway, we were given three prompts, one of which was to bring something along that really inspired you, then show-and-tell about it. I found this goldmine by Fly Art, after the meeting. Ancient masterful pieces that adorn the likes of the Louvre serve as the conduit for lyrics that were written centuries later. It’s kind of like graffiti but a lot less destructive. Some enthusiasts might be offended by the people at Fly Art’s embellishments to the works of the Greats, but I think it’s pretty incredible. So incredible, in fact, that I was inspired to make one of my own. I’m not that into hip hop, so I featured one of my favorites from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs instead.

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 5.10.16 PM

Benjamin West (American, 1738–1820). Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements, 1809. Featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gold Lion, from Show Your Bones. 


The Artistry Behind a Painted Door…

I love brightly painted doors–and really, just doorways in general. The thing about doors is that they lead to somewhere. Somewhere great, interesting, boring, horrible…but the point is that they always lead to something. It’s the veneer that frames your perception of the secret(s) that lie behind it. There is a reason people in real estate are constantly referencing curb appeal. Not to get horribly metaphorical, but a beautifully painted door is like a personal facade–you know, the way a woman puts makeup and a smile on, even if she feels dreadful. You really do not know whats lying behind that layer of brightly painted wood, particleboard or face until you turn the knob and enter.

Brightly Painted Doorway In Paris, France | The Polka-dot Maven

Arc de Triumphe

Top 6 Sights To See In Paris

Paris has some of the finest most robust museums and enchanting monuments found in the whole world. With so many choices and pesky time limitations, weighing your sightseeing priorities can feel daunting. If you’re an art lover, to see each piece properly,  I once read it would take more than 2 full weeks to view the Louvre in it’s entirety! So if you can’t stay in the city of lights for more than a week, I’ve made the priority-making decision just that much easier for you with my top 6 list. Enjoy!

Where-To Paris| The Polka-dot Maven

Literature, meet Art…

Weather decorating for the home or office, I find myself constantly searching for the perfect balance of inspiration and decorative value. These screen printed book pages by Collage-O-Rama serve-up just the right dose (at less than $10 per print, they’re really affordable too)!

I love the alternative use of vintage book pages. Plus, if you’re ever bored, you can actually read the text on the page.

Quantity vs. Quality…

Does quantity create quality? Many of the greats thought so. It seems logical enough, the more you do something the better you become. Artist Megan Matsuoka puts the theory to test with a personal project that is sure to inspire:  100 poster in 100 days and only an hour to make each one. Check out the evolution of her work over the 100 day period by clicking on her Mark Twain poster (shown below).


An accessory fit for Queens, Emperors & Mavens…

For me, scarves are a wardrobe necessity. I’d say their fantastically Parisian but it wouldn’t be entirely true (the accessory finds its origins somewhere in ancient Egypt). Irrespective of ancestry, the scarf is one piece of fabric I wear at least 3 days out of the week. In my book of rules, you can never have too many of these versatile and chic bits of fashion art. Recently, I came across this cleverly crafted and inspiring How-To YouTube video featuring 25 ways to rock a scarf. I simply had to share the wealth.

Read between the lines…

Less is more? Turns out for Austin Kleon this much is true. Kleon’s book, “Newspaper Blackout,” is a collection of newspaper articles that have been transformed into poetry. Leaving behind the words he likes, Kleon’s poetry inspires new perspective by drowning-out the ones he doesn’t…with a big fat sharpie marker. Sometimes we become so engrossed in the mounds of clutter, we miss the details that spawn creativity. This book is full of those little details proving that imaginative solutions are hidden in some of the most ordinary activities (like reading the morning paper). If it’s not enough to add this to your list of brilliant things to do with newspapers, this fantastically inspirational read has transcended the world of books and graduated to fan paraphernalia including t-shirts and reasonably priced print art.

For an extra dose of inspiration, check out this video of Kleon’s poetic magic at work.