Reconstructive Foot Surgery, a Love Story

The first time I met with my surgeon, he gasped with wonder when I placed all of my weight on my foot. He’d never seen a anything “pancake out” like that before, he told me. Wounded ego aside, my visit was due to, brace yourselves, a bunion and bones that were set higher up in my foot that had been causing awful pain for years. I was told said bunion and rogue bones would only worsen with time.  So, after an internal debate that lasted over the span of years, I decided to get the operation.


I had heard the horror stories: how terribly painful the procedure would be, how recovery was so long and hard, and how limited I’d be from normal activity. But honestly, I could not be happier that I did it. Anything I found online about this procedure was either spammy, or too clinical, so over the rest of my recovery, I plan on peppering in a few things I’ve learned along the way to help bridge the gap on the internet. I’m almost at the 1 month mark now. Still in a hard cast, and I’ve only just stopped working from my living room, but I’m feeling decidedly positive. While it wont be the only thing I am writing about, there will definitely be more to come over the next two months (including, but not limited to; how to dress yourself in the fall when you have a giant hard cast that takes up half your leg, or how to still get exercise, the importance of the knee scooter…)


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