Pros & Cons: The Cleveland Color Run Edition

Cleveland Color Run Pros and Cons

This Saturday, I completed my very first 5K, The Color Run, a just-for-fun type of event that travels around the country with no pressure or timers so I thought it was a low risk introduction to races. In The Color Run as told by me, my heart would be beating in my ears with excitement. When the sound went off, magical bursts of color would rain down (à la snow making machine) and, as we all rushed out to start our 5K, everyone would be running, really fast. That, is not what happened. Sadly, there was no color-distributing snow-making machine, it rained from start to finish (which really is not a problem for me normally because I prefer running in inclement weather, but it made the color particularly difficult to remove later), and the runner-to-walker ratio made it hard to actually run. Unmet expectations aside, a lot of the pros and cons are the same, depending on what you’re looking for out of the race.


  • Not competitive
  • It’s only a 5K
  • Friendly
  • Fun idea (I mean, when is the last time you had colorful cornstarch thrown at you?)
  • Chance to be silly (costumes are encouraged)
  • Accepts walkers, runners, and all other forms of movement
  • Cute gear/swag bag
  • Water is consistently available and there are lots of decent porta potties


  • Messy (my blond friend still has pink in her hair 3 days later)
  • T-shirt is white and kindof a requirement for the race (so if it’s raining, watch out!)
  • Not competitive (More leisurely walkers than runners)
  • A little disorganized
  • Does not support a charitable cause
  • Potentially hazardous (sunglasses and a bandana are a wise choice)

So, would I have done it all over again if I could change time? Yes. Should you do it next time? If you’re not looking for a serious run, and just want to have fun with friends (and an excuse to dress-up), then yes.


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  1. I was thinking about doing it but I was worried because I felt like I probably couldn’t run the whole 5k. Good to know it’s more low-key and I’m glad you had fun!

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