This is not my Whole Foods…the truth about change.

Two months ago I had this moment of utter panic when I walked into my new grocery store and realized, THIS. IS. NOT. MY. WHOLE. FOODS. Sure, it was a Whole Foods, but not my Whole Foods. The aisles were stocked differently, the people moved around slower than molasses, and I was operating on a mere 4 hours of sleep. Yes, it was panic. The kind of panic that reverberates up and down your spine. We’d only just moved to a new place the night before, everything I owned was in boxes, and my little dog was seriously suffering from separation anxiety as was evidenced by the fact that her crying could be heard across the street, (an uncomfortable note that was pointed out by our neighbors). Considering she weighs all of 6 lbs, it was an impressive feat…and the list continues, B had just started a new position which had him coming home in the wee hours of the morning (we’re talking 12:00AM and later). But this was the historic district. A place we’d been trying to move to for the last 4 years. We’d even scored a covered two car garage. This is what I’d wanted, right? RIGHT? So, why the melt down at Whole Foods? Change. It was change. Loads of change, everywhere I looked. Good change. Bad change. Frustrating change…exciting change. It doesn’t even matter what kind of change really, because change is hard until you normalize. So you either bend or you break, or you have your very own flavor of a mini melt down in Whole Foods.  Which ever path you choose, you will normalize eventually, or something like that. And normalize I did. Two months later, I love our new digs and my new Whole Foods (admittedly, it has a better floral and deli section anyway)…So now that it doesn’t feel so much like change anymore, the change itself was pretty much the best decision, ever.


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