Flowers on a wall

Succulents: The plant that just won’t die…

Today marks the one year anniversary of my succulent plant’s life. This is no ordinary feat. Unlike my grandmother who has always had the most beautifully lush gardens–no matter how hardy the plant, its death has been eminent in my care. Peppers, tomatoes, scallions and copious amounts of basil have been a staple in her menagerie. Delicate and fickle, edible or not, whatever the plant, it would surely thrive under my grandmother’s green-thumbed care. Despite my best efforts; orchids, herbs, a small tree, rosemary plants…may they rest in peace, have all perished under my supervision. I imagine plants in nurseries tremble when I walk by. Leaves likely start to turn brown and fall off…But not anymore! Over the last year, I have discovered that succulents are virtually indestructible. These guys retain water so well, allowing for minimal attention and sort-of bulbous squishy looking features. Considering they often live (and I might add thrive) in desert like climates, I’ve only had to water them once every 3 weeks. They even once survived a watering of day-old green tea. Any way, if like me, you want the soothing benefits of seeing greenery in your office but are tragically inept when it comes to plant care, opt for succulents.



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