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Patience is a virtue…

Patience is a virtue–and it is one that has been totally lost on me. I have lived my life constantly wondering “are we there yet?” So many sentences have begun with I can’t wait until…or, it will be great when…I fancy myself a forward thinker–a girl of the future, who needs the now? After this book, I’ll read this one–I’ve found this thing, now all I need is that one (and possibly that one as well). The list goes on (pretty much indefinitely). I have sat through yoga classes where I am meant to be in some meditative “present” state, only to find myself in no way present at all–except for the obvious physical one, of course. Distracted by my list of plans circulating through my brain, being asked to breathe in and out is an unwelcome interruption to my inner dialogue. Get groceries on the way home. Breathe out. How much longer of this? 20 minutes. Pick up dry cleaning for work. Breathe in. What will I wear to dinner…and so on. My natural “are we there yet?” state sometimes makes me feel like I live on the inside of a clock, always hearing the rhythmic tapping of second and minute hands as a reminder to hurry. Even so, the harsh truth is, whether or not I’d like to be a patient person really doesn’t matter. It is a theme that keeps cropping up in my life with infallible precision. I read somewhere that we’re all where we’re meant to be at the very moment in time in which we’re there…I guess it might be time to start embracing that sentimental idea. (Or not.)



  1. I’m with you on this one. I just can’t seem to lock the patience thing down!

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