Henna me…

The first time someone told me you could use Henna to dye your hair, I thought of new age hairstylists spraying patchouli oil in the air. Needless to say, I was skeptical. But then I started looking into natural hair dyes and was quickly persuaded, especially since I discovered that it’s been used as a hair dye for 6,000+ years.

Henna facts vs. fiction:

Henna is permanent: False, you can get permanent and semi-permanent Henna.

Henna will only make my hair red: False, this depends on the heat and duration of hair exposure. Also the color of the Henna you select makes a major impact. Your options range anywhere from Mad Men’s Joan-red to raven-black hued locks. Buyer beware, if you’ve previously dyed your hair you may need special treatment to get the look you’re after with Henna.

Henna won’t cover grays: Turbo false. The natural variety in hair color will actually add dimension and depth to your Henna dye.

It’s messy: True story, like most hair dyes this stuff requires gloves and careful application.

My natural hair color is admittedly neutral and a bit boring–a very light brown with dark blond tendencies in the summer. But with the help of henna, it’s complex and rich. Dark chocolatey brown indoors with a firey red tint. Convinced and dyeing to get your hands on some? Try Lush Cosmetics for a great DIY option or Surya Brasil for a slightly less messy version.


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