Paris, The City Of Stairs | The Polka-dot Maven

Paris, the city of stairs…

After thoughtful consideration, I am of the mind that Paris was wrongfully named the city of lights. A more approrpiate nickname would have been the city of stairs. Why is that, you ask? Mostly because stairs were consistently a part of my day while visiting. Want to see the Eiffel Tower? Go upstairs. Enter the gardens? Upstairs. Need to use the ladies room? Go downstairs (more on washrooms later this week). Cross the bridge? Climb stairs. The Arc de Triomphe? You guessed it, stairs it is!

In addition to all the ascending and descending, there is generally a lot of walking involved while in the city. In truth, the stairs really aren’t all that terrible–provided that you’ve got the correct footwear. There is a reason French girls love flats–and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because they’re adorable. Here are my two saving graces: a great pair of New Balance W730 running shoes and a pair of Arche Lilly flats. Without them, I may have been blistered, battered and forced to view the city from a Segway.


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