Bauble Bar…

Too many times to count, I have found myself gazing at brightly colored fashion jewelry at the likes of H&M. From the distance, this jewelry looks like something Tory Burch maybe crafted–only it’s 80% cheaper. In my bleary eyed pursuit for affordable on-trend knickknacks, I would saunter over to behold said jewelry in my hands…only to see it practically fall apart before I could put it on. To be fair, it’s called fast fashion for a reason. Recently and very much on accident, I found the solution to this pesky problem! While perusing Blue Fly, I was introduced to Bauble Bar via a well planned pop up. The jewelry found here won’t be part of your accesory arsenal indefinitely, but it won’t disintigrate at the slightest touch either.

So let’s settle on calling it a happy accident because I have finally identified trendy jewelry that bridges the gap between fast fashion quality and overly priced designer products.


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