Until very recently, warm weather and happy colors seemed to be a distant memory. All four seasons in the last several years have been remarkably accented and styled in monochromatic or otherwise muted colors. Happier shades reminiscent of childhood times-passed were tucked away, hidden deep in the catacombs of fashion’s memory. Then just like magic, in 2012, a vibrant explosion of larger-than-life hued ensembles hit the runways.  Unlike the 80’s and 90’s offensively bright pairings, these looks command attention in a fresh and polished way that forces a smile onto even the most impossible spectator’s face. Yes the gloomy days and years of vamp chic are now a thing of the past, with a nod to some of haute couture’s finest over the years, ready-to-wear introduces their very own versions of royal blues and hypnotic yellows that need not beg for your affection. So let the hemlines come up, and the dresses go sleeveless painting our world with a long overdue kaleidoscope of acrylic fury–the way fashionistas all over the world intended.


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