Runaway commitments…

Twice a year I make the decision to become a runner. The siren calls of spring and fall weather woo me into a false sense of running hubris. Every year, I arm myself with new running shoes, shorts, weather-proof athletic gear and a determined, can-do attitude. This year is going to be the year, I assure myself…Sadly, much like the average resolution, the urge never lasts more than a month. During said month I wind up sore, mildly injured and irritable. Those siren calls of lovely weather and outdoor scents are replaced with those of chocolate, leisurely walks and resting. All of which seem to chip away at my running resolution until it finally crumbles. I admit, I’ve been a fair-weather runner – can’t help it really. Blame it on the chocolate! But this year I swear is going to be the year. It’ll be different. Because this year, I’ve discovered orthotics…Yes I must admit, the thought of orthotics sounds very nearly geriatric however, paired with the perfect running shoes (New Balance 1260), injuries and some of that irritation that are toggled to the start of vigorous exercise can be assuaged!

Perhaps it’s the beautiful weather but, I can’t help but feel particularly optimistic.


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