On Time…

I deeply despised the idea of wearing a watch as a child. It seemed foolish to me. Time was kept by grownups and I wanted no part in the cumbersome business. As an adult, I can say with absolute certainty that I could not live in a world without them. It’s not so much for the purpose of keeping time (clearly that is what cell phones are for). It’s more about aesthetics and outfit completion, the fact that it also tells time is really just a bonus. It’s an accessory, like a bracelet. A functional statement piece. I’ve had a two year romance with menswear watches and this fall, I renewed my pledge. Childhood foolishness be damned! Desperately in search of a black-on-black watch to add to my collection, I was finally met with success. While skillfully perusing my favorite stores…I stumbled across this Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty at Nordstrom…on sale.

It’s not as kitschy as Marc by Marc usually is and the logo is more discretely branded, both aspects I like. I think we’ll be very happy together…


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