Accessorize: against the grain…

Who doesn’t like to go against the grain (at least a little)? There is something undeniably intriguing about coupling contrasting materials. Smooth yet grainy, rough but shiny, streamlined yet distressed…. I simply can’t get enough. Check out my top 3…


The Forest and The Robot

This Grove hand carved wooden iPhone case is impossibly fascinating. The artistic irony in using wood, a material so grounded yet comparatively impermanent to protect this electronic masterpiece would be unbearable if it were not made for an Apple product, pun intended.


From The Trenches to The Road

Undecided on whether to wear your leather jacket or a preppy trench coat? Burberry London welcomes your indecision with outerwear that is undoubtedly one of the most incredible garments made – ever. Pairing the smooth and classic look of a trench with the edginess of leather=awe inspiring fashion.

Leather Bound

A successful double contrast – coupling leather with electronics AND clever symbolism Twelve South has hit the nail on the head with their BookBook. Using a vintage inspired book cover (the old way of processing information) with technology (the new way) makes for a simply stunning and wonderfully useful accesory.


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