Wax Seal Jewelry | The Polka-dot Maven

Dear Napoleon…

In a world where the art of the written word has been long forgotten, wax seals and quills alike have become ancient relics. Forced into obsolescence by years of brilliant innovation, words are no longer scratched into parchment but coded onto our computer screens, e-readers, and eyeballs. There are no more pigeons, or men on horseback delivering messages; we’ve got the World Wide Web. There are no more ink bottles, or meaningful stamps of family crests. Writing isn’t messy anymore, and it’s fast too. If you find yourself desperate for some old world whimsy, look no further. The good people of Pyrrha and RQP Studio refuse to let that romance die.

Although varying on scale and price, both of these boutique like specialists have managed to resurrect the once dead art of wax seals by stamping them into jewelry. Paired with weighty meanings and stories alike, these beauties originated in either France or England and date back as early as the 1700’s. I’ve collected a few of these eclectic baubles myself – my all time favorite is the Aesop’s Fable Oak and the Reeds inspired charm shown above dating back from Napoleonic France. These meaningful pieces are a fantastic buy for yourself, but with goods spanning from cuff-links to bracelets they also make undeniably unique gifts.

My sincerest affections,

The Polka-dot Maven



  1. oh wow, i love seals! the letter variety as well as the ones that eat fish! there’s a museum near me that has a collection of egyptian, nabatean, and assyrian ones…maybe they’ll let me make copies…
    these are really neat, i’ll have to check them out.

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