The Night Circus | The Polka-dot Maven

The Night Circus and Tea Time…

With chilly and rainy weather afoot,  my idle waking hours will be spent with a seriously delicious cup of tea and books (lots of them). My most recent book selection process was slightly less challenging than usual. Determined not to waffle, I found myself committed to The Night Circus in moments. Before it’s release in September, the book received some pretty generous recommendations from the Wall Street Journal. With it’s mystery laden fantastical storyline, it only seems fitting to read just before Halloween.

In conjunction with it’s short chapters, the narrative jumps around to different time lines making it a book that can withstand a lot of interruptions (kind-of perfect for a short lunch break, or for popping into the hair salon). Admittedly, it falls a bit short of a literary masterpiece, but it makes up for it with frivolous entertainment.

On the matter of tea, the answer is presently chai. Chai in the morning and chai for lunch…with soy, almond milk, water…I love it all. I’m obsessed with Oregon Chai’s Sugar-Free Original concentrate. It’s delicious and for the price of one Starbucks latte – you can have 8 at home. It’s like drinking autumn…


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