Pucker your pout…

Until this past season, lip sticks and lacquers alike have been horribly underrated. Tragically associated with the 80’s, moms , and grandmas…the notion has been sequestered in the do-not-wear genre. But as it turns out, those leading ladies had a bit of a point. Slathering rouge all over your mouth is gloriously retro, and chic. Neglecting it is just a disservice to the fun and romance you can add to your look. Here are a few of my favorites…

MAC Orangey reds look good on basically everyone, these two are currently my favorite mattes…

Lip stain is a no fuss and much less messy form of reddening your pout. I suggest Stila’s Cherry Crush or Coconut Crush Lip and Cheek Stains,  they go on subtly without over drying your lips. Plus you can layer it for a more dramatic look.

For those who simply can not part with the idea of having immensely glossy lips, MAC comes to the rescue with this Karen O inspired red; Russian Red.

Still not convinced? Check out the ladies from AMC’s Mad Men and these lovely Tod’s ads.


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  1. ahh! awesome! i bought a red lipstick earlier this year and have always been slightly reticent about wearing it out, because i thought it was outdated…but that’s a good thing! yay lipstick!

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