Ballet Flats by Burberry and 7 For All Mankind | The Polka-dot Maven

Little black ballet flats…

It’s a classic staple to any girls wardrobe. Second only to the little-black-dress. Stylish, chic, simple, and inherently French. And it’s all thanks to Mademoiselle Chanel (pre-Lagerfeld butchery, but that’s for another time). Being a former Parisian girl, I am a bit enamored with little ballet flats. Considering that my collection ranges from the classic to the tastefully embellished and sometimes colorful, I’m pretty much of the mind that every proper lady should have at least one pair.

But I also happen to believe shoes should have dual capabilities. Namely, they should be stunning but comfortable. Apparently, not everyone in the footwear industry agrees with me…so I have invested in some serious shoe stretching mechanisms…

A few months ago I acquired the footwear equivalent of a genuine Renoir, or Monet; a pair of classic quilted Chanel ballet flats…only, they were entirely too narrow for my very Eastern European tootsies. So I patiently waited while the stretching solution and weird shoe-trees worked their magic…and by patiently, I mean I checked on them neurotically. Then, for the first time ever, I finally got to wear them out. They fit like a dream. That one stubborn pinky toe that blisters? Comfortable! That spot that’s usually tight around the front/base of my foot? Curved to perfection…I could go on. It’s like someone has been breaking my shoes in for me for weeks. Is there nothing these glorious and strange looking contraptions can not do? I can say with some serious certainty, NO, they rock (with the exception that some footwear is simply impossible i.e. anything that is taller than 3inches or comes to a sharp point, you may be out of luck there).

Enthused about the comfortable possibilities? Click on the two photos above to get them from Amazon.



    • All though they look a bit like medieval dental devices…the second ones are actually meant to clamp down on a portion of the shoe, then the silver bar/screw is tightened depending on how much of a stretch you want. The process creates a sort-of bump/pocket in the shoe. This contraption is really more of a bunion relief tool though. If you’re looking for versatility and to do minor tweeks (and you don’t have any severe orthopedic issues), the wooden shoe trees with knobs are the best way to go.

  1. I love a girl with a pair of cute simple black flats.

    However, I would be terrified to see contraptions like that in any person’s bedroom. Still, it wouldn’t keep me from loving them physically.

  2. Ballet flats has always been the perfect shoes for me.. comfortable and matches every outfit!
    I love the white one on the top.. droool

  3. I love your ballet flats, and am very impressed by your shoe stretcher. I broke a pair of suede flats in earlier this summer. It took 2 weeks. I would have thrown them away, but I ran into an Argentinean woman who had a beautiful pair of leather flats and told me it took 20 times of wearing them to make them bearable. 20! I thought surely there was a better way- and I see that there is. How interesting.

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