Dracula | The Polka-dot Maven

Before twilight and closer to dawn…

The recent surge in supernatural entertainment has seemingly manifested itself from thin-air. Captivating our imaginations, gushing through our televisions, and whispering from our books. On and off the big screen, it demands our attention, and influences our fashion. But like most pop-culture phenomena, it’s place of origin can only be attributed to a fragmented echo from the past, long since forgotten. Before J.K. Rowling, Charlaine Harris, and Stephenie Meyer were themselves, imagined–authors like Shakespeare, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley artfully crafted the foundation for the Harry Potters and Sookie Stackhouses of the world. Should you find yourself in a lull between Sookie books, twilight films, or a void that desperately needs filling now that the Harry Potter series is truly complete…follow the curious echo, and you will not be disappointed. I plan to  submit to the gravitational pull, and read the literature that started it all. Beginning with Stoker’s Dracula and ending somewhere around Voltaire’s Micromégas.


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  1. Touche! Not that long ago the magic and spells surrounding supernatural entertainment has stolen a lens from me, too.

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