Pearls are for lady-like girls…

Contrary to popular belief , diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. Pearls are. Our dear Carol Channing coined this catch-phrase and was, unfortunately, sorely mistaken. I’m not claiming that diamonds aren’t pretty, because they are, but who could possibly overlook exclude these stunning little spheres? Real or fake, layered and single stranded, irregularly shaped, warm or cool hued…they add an understated polish to any outfit. The best part is that they just happen. Oysters and mussels just make these tiny treasures, it’s impossibly fantastic! Plus, it’s kind-of weird to buy yourself diamonds…whereas pearls are a different story. Whether you dawn fresh or salt water pearls, or glass imitations painted in a factory; rest assured that a young woman simply can not look more elegant than she does when wearing them. So with a nod to Miss Holly Golightly and Coco, I choose pearls over diamonds (apart from my wedding ring, of course). Click here to check out my favorite imitation retailer.

Snap shots of my forever growing collection…



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