Monday mornings are always a bit of a challenge…rudely plucked from the weekend induced zen, and then catapulted right back into reality…Attempting to maintain my poise, I’ve stolen a few Monday morning moments, staring at this piece of artwork from my desk…carefully dissecting it.

It torments me. I have concluded that there is no certainty whether the painting is of a male or female and that it makes no concrete sense whatsoever. It’s clearly the same person in all three illustrations…The dominant color choice: blue: inherently masculine. But, the final two figures are sort-of busty. The clothing is entirely asexual. The final two figures may have a ponytail, usually feminine, but it could be a male with his hair tied back? The stance is overtly masculine, casual with forward sloping shoulders, thumbs linked in belt loops…on the whole, ladies just do not stand that way. The facial features are muted and almost characterless. On one hand the painting likely holds the power to drive me into a fit of hysteria, demanding sense…on the other, the painting is a fantastic portrayal of art because it makes me want to know why…Why the androgyny? What does this say about gender lines? Does it say anything at all? What does it all mean? So many questions! So naturally, I ask you, boy or girl? What is this all about?


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